The worlds need you to stop being boring

Hi folks, as i promised before, i am back with new episode of my life. Here we are now, with new address, same person, different thought. This blog is still in the same type: Personal Blog. I will share my thought, new insight, news, what i am doing, what i love. Probably, if you follow my twitter (@monsterlaute) lately, i am already tweet some insight. If you like it, you can find it more in here.

The first thing i want to share is my new insight about “PEP-talk”. Anyone knows what is pep-talk? in Spain, pep is known as encourage. So pep-talk means, something you can share to encourage others.

Lately, i found many people lack of confident and the most sad thing is, they lose enthusiasm. They need inspiration, and for me the inspiration can come from everywhere. Usually it came from a great story. I believed, all of you had a great story, tell people about your story and listen if someone tell you a story (listen mean really listen not hear, because most of people doesn’t listen).

Perhaps, i can help those people, who lack enthusiasm with new insight – kinda inception – and for the opening i want to share what is pep-talk.

“Only boring people get bored.” – anonymous

I first saw this video in because my company gave me a task to train certain people with my innovation idea (i will share this later). I need something to open my audience mind and encourage them to learn something new *because every society hates our idea* (remind me to tell you, why society hate new idea). I do google and find this video.

His name is Robbie Nova (9 years old when he made this video). He was born with Osteogenesis (brittle bone syndrome) *actually i don’t really care, because he looks healthy* :p . He said that “boring is easy!” That’s true folks. When you are alone or you don’t know what to do, then you take your phone and tweet “boriinggg / i am bored / don’t know what to do” If you are enthusiast, you will find anything, you will learn something new. So stop being boring, why you choose the easiest way (to get bored). Go out and get a life, think what should you do to get your dream. If you don’t have a dream *you probably a peasant or muggle #sad* go asked people what their passion or dream and help them to get their dream *make yourself useful*

Sad huh? Doesn’t have a dream, and help people get their dream. hahahah.. so you should find your dream. What kind of life do you want?

So people. make this life (your life) meaningful. Always try something new, don’t get an operational job or routine job – it kills your creativity and spirit – maybe you *and maybe me too* can make a pep-talk too 😉

A la sante, au revoir!


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